Rhinoceros Rye – Rye IPA

beer-label-rhinoceros-rye-3inchI took another page from EdWort’s recipe book with this one. It’s a pretty standard Rye IPA other than the lack of aroma because it wasn’t dry-hopped at all. There is a solid malt backbone with spicy rye notes and moderate bitterness. The addition of some flaked barley adds a creamy mouthfeel and allows for great head retention.

The name comes from the fact that it’s so high in alcohol, so it hits you like a rhino. Also, the play on the phonetics of the word. Easily my favorite beer I’ve made so far, but next time I’ll dry hop it to get some good aroma.

Brew Date: June 9, 2012
Kegged On: June 27, 2012
O.G.: 1.076
F.G.: 1.012
ABV: 8.4%

Recipe Details

Batch SizeBoil TimeIBUSRMEst. OGEst. FGABV
5 gal30 min54.4197597.8108411.0561.0135.713608


US 2-Row Malt8 lbs56.39
US Rye Malt3 lbs21.15
German Vienna Malt2 lbs14.1
UK Dark Crystal8 oz3.52
US Flaked Barley8 oz3.52
German Sauer(Acid) Malt3 oz1.32


NameAmountTimeUseFormAlpha %
US Magnum0.75 oz30 minFirst WortPellet14.7
NZ Nelson Sauvin0.5 oz15 minBoilPellet11.7
NZ Kohatu1 oz10 minBoilPellet7.2
US Cascade1 oz10 minBoilPellet7.5
NZ Nelson Sauvin0.5 oz5 minBoilPellet11.7
NZ Kohatu1 oz5 minBoilPellet7.2
US Cascade1 oz5 minBoilPellet7.5
NZ Kohatu2 oz0 minDry HopPellet7.2
US Cascade2 oz0 minDry HopPellet7.5


Irish Moss0.07 oz15 minBoilOther
Clarity Ferm1 oz0 minPrimaryOther


White Labs WLP830-German Lager77%32°F – 32°F


Rest at150.8°F60 min


Aging0 days32°F



Water notes for typical 5-gal batch:
-Dilute tap water by 70% (2.75 tap + 6.25 distilled = 9 gal).
-Strike 5 gal (1.5 tap + 3.5 distilled = 5 gal) to 164F.
-Add 1g CaCl2 to strike water.
-Mash in at 151F for 60 minutes.
-Heat 4 gal (1.25 tap + 2.75 distilled = 4 gal) to 180F.
-Add .6 CaCl2 to sparge water.

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