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  • Watermelon Weakness – Watermelon Wheat Beer

    Watermelon Weakness – Watermelon Wheat Beer

    Still inspired by Wailua Wheat from Kona Brewing Company, I decided to make another fruit wheat beer for easy summer drinking in the park or at the beach. This time I used watermelon extract to see if I would even like the combo before trying to get all crazy with using the real fruit. Initially […]

  • Lupulin Lager – India Pale Lager (IPL)

    Lupulin Lager – India Pale Lager (IPL)

    Last year I had the best beer I’ve had in a long time. It was Claudie’s India Pale Lager from Pizza Port San Clemente, and it was phenomenal. Really easy drinking, not too bitter, super dank and fruity hop aromas, citrus hop flavors, and the smoothest finish. I was shocked by how great the combo […]

  • All Aboard – German Pilsener

    All Aboard – German Pilsener

    Prior to my recent trip to Germany, I didn’t care for lagers and pilseners. They seemed to lack flavor and felt really weak on the palate. Since there wasn’t much else to drink while I was in Germany, I ended up trying several different brands, and ended up really enjoying a few, my favorite being […]

  • Owner’s Obsession – IPA

    I’ve had bad luck with all the IPA variations I’ve tried so far, so I wanted to take a shot at building my own recipe. I looked at some pale ale recipes that looked good, and then bumped up the grain and hops to push this into the IPA style. I started peppering in whatever […]

  • Amelian Ale – Belgian Blond Ale

    A friend of mine named Amelia asked me to brew a beer based on her. I asked her what she would taste like in beer form and she responded with, “Strong, but approachable with an awkward finish.” If you know her, then you know this is dead-on. I happened to be at The Bruery shortly […]

  • Rhinoceros Rye – Rye IPA

    Rhinoceros Rye – Rye IPA

    I took another page from EdWort’s recipe book with this one. It’s a pretty standard Rye IPA other than the lack of aroma because it wasn’t dry-hopped at all. There is a solid malt backbone with spicy rye notes and moderate bitterness. The addition of some flaked barley adds a creamy mouthfeel and allows for […]

  • Lawn Lounger – Belgian Saison

    Lawn Lounger – Belgian Saison

    I liked the looks of this recipe I saw on BrewingTV for the Tomax + Xamot split batch. I’ve wanted to brew a hoppy saison for a while, so I just instead of splitting the batch like the recipe calls, I just did a full batch of the Xamot. This was my first time making […]

  • Red Rookie – India Red Ale (IRA)

    Red Rookie – India Red Ale (IRA)

    My first solo all-grain batch was a recipe I saw on BrewingTV for the Cloverland Resinator India Red Ale. The name is a reverse of my first ever brew because this is another first. Irish Red Ales are what got me into craft brew, so they have a special place in my heart. I’m also […]

  • EdWort’s Elixir – Cider

    I read about this recipe on and it sounded so easy I had to try it. I thieved a taste after 4 weeks and it tasted like a Chardonnay with some apple flavor. After 8 weeks, it cleared up really nicely and the flavor had mellowed out significantly. It tasted like apple cider with […]

  • Groggy Golfer – Dry-Hopped Kölsch

    Groggy Golfer – Dry-Hopped Kölsch

    This was a kit from Northern Brewer called “Un-Kölsch” because it was basically a Kölsch, but overly hopped during the boil and also dry-hopped. I really enjoyed the original Kölsch I brewed, but since I’m a hop-head, I decided I’d give this one a try. It came out a little overly bitter, but not in […]