Mumbling Mild – English Dark Mild Ale

beer-label-mumbling-mild-3inchMy first English Mild was Nerf Herder from Pizza Port San Clemente. I really enjoyed it even though it was hoppier and bolder than a traditional mild. Without any other point of reference, I was pleasantly surprised when I had Unintelligibility from Noble Ale Works, so I sent an email to the brewer, Evan, and he was gracious enough to send me a recipe that he based his brew on.

Recipes don’t usually scale down to homebrew size very well, so I had add in some more dark malt to get the color right. I had some chocolate rye laying around, so I used a small percentage of that to bump the color and add a spicy note.

Rich chocolate, subtle roast, and a hint of spicy rye makes this indulgent take on the classic English Mild a treat to be savored. At only 4.2%, it’ll take several of these before you’re speaking unintelligibly. But since it’s so tasty, you’ll find yourself mumbling before you realize it. Or maybe that’s just the way you talk. No judgement here, just good beer.

Brew Date: February 28, 2015
Kegged On: March 14, 2015
O.G.: 1.051
F.G.: 1.020
ABV: 4.2%

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