Lawn Lounger – Belgian Saison

beer-label-lawn-lounger-3inchI liked the looks of this recipe I saw on BrewingTV for the Tomax + Xamot split batch. I’ve wanted to brew a hoppy saison for a while, so I just instead of splitting the batch like the recipe calls, I just did a full batch of the Xamot. This was my first time making a yeast starter, but seeing how well it dried out, I’ll keep making them from now on.

Fermentation was done in my temperature controlled chest freezer the whole time. I started it out at 73°F for 24 hours, then ramped it up to 80°F. The third day I upped it again to 90°F and that’s where it stayed for the rest of the 14-day fermentation.

The final product is really nice. It’s a really funky tasting beer with a light body and fairly crisp finish. It’ll be perfect for a hot summer day, hence the name.

Brew Date: May 19, 2012
Bottled On: June 3, 2012
O.G.: 1.048
F.G.: 1.004
ABV: 5.8%

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