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EdWort’s Elixir – Cider

I read about this recipe on and it sounded so easy I had to try it. I thieved a taste after 4 weeks and it tasted like a Chardonnay with some apple flavor. After 8 weeks, it cleared up really nicely and the flavor had mellowed out significantly. It tasted like apple cider with a very slight hint of… Read more →

Groggy Golfer – Dry-Hopped Kölsch

This was a kit from Northern Brewer called “Un-Kölsch” because it was basically a Kölsch, but overly hopped during the boil and also dry-hopped. I really enjoyed the original Kölsch I brewed, but since I’m a hop-head, I decided I’d give this one a try. It came out a little overly bitter, but not in a pleasant way. It wasn’t… Read more →

Wiseguy Wheat – Weizenbock

This is a full-flavored wheat beer. Has a sweet and slight banana aroma, with some roasty notes. The thick mouthfeel will keep you sipping this one slowly, which is probably a good thing as it’s supposed to be a double. My readings for ABV came out lower than the recipe stated, but it still feels like it’s about a 7%… Read more →